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YES !!! unless you have been living under a rock over the last month or so you will no doubt already know it's been "bloody cold" (and at times bloody windy). No doubt about it though...if you can afford the time and dollars $$$, up north or away overseas somewhere is certainly one of the best ways to beat the winter fishing blues. Good customer Ben wasn't going to let the winter weather get him down... he headed to Vanuatu and caught this Ripping Mahi Mahi along with a spectacular 72kg yellowfin tuna and a 90kg blue marlin !!  Well done Ben...looks like you had the perfect medicine for your winter fishing blues.

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26 / 07 / 2017

Please note: All fishing reports are based on information received from locations over approx the previous 2-3 weeks. Some fishing locations listed below may or may not be affected by recent rains and poor weather conditions (if applicable). It may pay you first to check out the conditions at any of the locations you might be thinking about  heading too prior to your trip. All reports are as accurate and reliable as we can get them at the time of writing, however... of course, mother nature and fish themselves can switch it on and off at anytime Good fishing to everyone and we hope you all catch heaps. 


Cold winter conditions over the last few weeks or so has kept most anglers off our beloved Port Phillip Bay, however...for the rugged up and warm, the tasty southern calamari has been the main focus...both in our more local waters and in particular "further south between Mornington and Portsea". When favourable and user friendly conditions prevail, squid fisho's can expect the tasty calamari to hopefully continue "on the go" right thru-out winter and well in to always with the squid, calm and clear water conditions will play a big part in this. Drop into the store for all the latest squid tips, tricks and reports.

The last few weeks or so has at times seen the pinkie snapper active over some of the shallow reef areas between St Kilda all the way down to Ricketts Point... with some impressive sized models mixed in with the smaller school size fish. Soft plastics or cut pilchard baits have been the best go to options for these guys, however.... as always with the pinkies expect lots of small models in the mix. On the bigger snapper scene some "occasional" isolated chunky models up to approx 4.5kg have been caught over recent weeks by a few lucky anglers fishing the shallow reef areas between Black Rock and St Kilda. No doubt about it...if you are planning to fish the bay this time of the year the weather needs to be kind and you need to stay warm, however, some quality fish have been out there for those super keen anglers looking for a fishing fix. 


As previously mentioned... recent winter weather conditions have kept most anglers (including the landbased brigade) rugged up and warm at home over the last few weeks or so, however... the squid, pinkies and occasional quality big snapper have at times been on the bite from some of our more local piers, jetties and rock platforms. In regards to the squid...while ok numbers have been caught's pretty fair to say that Port Phillip's more southern landbased options between Mornington and Portsea Piers have been the more standout locations for both size and numbers over the last few weeks. Also when conditions have been suitable the last few weeks has seen some nice trevally, garfish and salmon caught around the mouth of the Mordialloc creek and pier itself...while further north a few nice bream have been caught around the Brighton, St Kilda and Yarra Mouth areas. As always this time of the year... stay warm and in particular stay safe.    (Cont'd below)



When weather conditions have been favourable some very good reports of quality salmon have come from our more local surf beaches. Good customer Janusz and his fishing friend (sorry name unknown) managed to catch these two beauties, and heaps more, on one of their recent trips down to Gunnamatta. Well done guys...looks like you had a ripper of a day.

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Like Port Phillip...the Port has also seen decreased angler activity over the last few weeks or so, with winters rather unpleasant cold weather keeping many anglers at home in front of the fire (can't blame them ). While a few king george whiting are still been caught here and there...most of the really keen fisho's still venturing out have been concentrating their efforts on either the quality calamari, gummies or the occasional isolated big snapper. Winter fishing on the Port can still certainly supply some excellent table fish for those giving it a go, however it goes with out saying just need rug up and stay warm.   


At the time of writing... when conditions have allowed, the majority of tuna caught over the last few weeks or so have still been mainly the smaller school size models, however... the occasional really big  guy has been taken here and there buy persistent and lucky anglers. While one fish of 120kg was taken out from Apollo Bay just last week...most bluewater anglers are still waiting and hopeful that a run of the really big models in excess of 100kg are going to turn up real soon...lets all keep our fingers crossed that the Portland area (and Victorian west coast)  will once again be barrel city. Both skirted lures and Rapala x-raps have been doing the job over recent weeks for the keen bluewater anglers that are keen enough to get out there when conditions are safe. 


Word is that when water conditions have been good, a few very nice mulloway up to have been showing up here and there from the C.B.D stretch of the Yarra over the last few weeks or so. Reports that we have heard of come from as far down as the mouth of the river...all the way up to some of the bridges upstream. It is a dedicated fishing brigade that target these trophy specimens, and even though reports are often kept very quiet...these anglers deserve the rewards for the many hours of dedication they put in. Both fish style soft plastics and metal vibes are normally the go to style of lures for the big jewies.   Cont'd below)


Keen angler Seb shows us here that there are some very nice fish to be taken from around some of our more northern Port Phillip piers, jetty's and harbours over the cooler months. Seb caught and released this awesome bream fishing landbased around the Brighton area and we can certainly see why he is smiling. Well done Seb...perseverance always pays off hey !

Seb... for sending us your photo you have won a Shimano Spectrum Plus 762SN fishing rod. Come in and pick it up before 09/08/2017



When conditions have been favourable over the last few weeks...some good numbers of chunky salmon have been taken from some of our beaches by anglers braving the conditions. As always with the salmon off the sand...some days they have been on the go big time... while on other days they are not playing the game so much. Gunnamatta has been the pick of our more local beaches with customer Janusz and his friend  having a 20+ fish session down here on one of their recent trips. Kilcunda, Venus Bay and Woolamai beaches have also been providing a few nice salmon on the right days...with fish up to approx 1.5kg being taken on bait, poppers and lures. 


This fairly shallow lake has certainly been the place to go over the last few weeks or more to catch some fine quality rainbow trout. Flatline trolling with either tassie devils or hardbody minnow style lures has been the go...with big fat conditioned fish up to just under 2 kg being caught by anglers braving the winter cold. In regards to the trout, this water can turn it on big time, however it can also turn it off (particularly in warmer conditions) in regards to the fish being on the bite. Limited past history shows enjoy it while you can... as summers hot weather can be a problem for this shallow water trout fishery. If you want a chance to catch some of these quality fish you may want to get up there and give them a crack ...hopefully you will catch some beauties ?  


This pretty water remains one of the more very pretty locations to still catch a trout while all the rivers are closed. Constantly stocked with mixed sized fish from the hatchery, brown and rainbow trout up to an impressive 5kg are normally in very good and spread thru-out the Pondage (particularly during school holidays). Depending on baits are normally powerbait, local dough, mudeyes and trout food pellets, while best lures are often tassie devils and the more favoured weighted spoon style lures that will let you cast further. When conditions are good this little gem of a town and place can be a great spot for both the serious and casual angler.    (Cont'd below)



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There have been 
some XOS size brown trout taken from this deep water lake over recent weeks...with some fish pushing towards the magical 10lb mark...WOW ! Now before you get too aware that you may need to put in some serious hours either trolling or casting your favourite hardbody or tassie devil - king cobra style lures for success, however...if you are lucky enough to crack a big one then it just may be the biggest trout of your life. Very big chinook salmon aswell as some quality rainbows, brook trout and redfin also inhabit this trophy fish waterway. Take plenty of warm clothing if you are thinking of heading down to the Western District !!


Like many of our other Victorian waters... the winter weather pattern has also kept most anglers off this very deep crater lake of late, however...some very nice rainbows and chinook salmon have been caught over the last couple of months by super keen anglers putting in the time. There are big, big fish in excess of 10lb in this water and it is certainly the location that, if luck is on your just may catch a whopper for the wall ?. This time of the year can at times see both deep and shallow trolling working well in this water, with some of the best lures being tassie devils, king cobras and most of your medium size hardbody minnows, however...please note that there can "at times" be lot of undersized fish in here that are best released unharmed to catch another day. If you don't own a downrigger to get your lures down deep... you can simply use a $20 clip weight attachment on your line...these little devices can put you down amongst the big ones and they work like a beauty. Best baits are powerbait and live minnow for the trout, while whitebait, cut pilchards and glassies etc fished in a burley trail work well on the chinook. Like Lake Purumbete make sure you have plenty of warm cloths for this neck of the woods !!   (Cont'd below)



When water conditions have been suitable the quality squid fishing in both Westernport and Port Phillip (in particular the southern end) has remained constant over the last month or so...with some very big models landed to keep anglers happy. Check out this awesome Al McGlashan  pic...those southern calamari sure do love those Yakamito PX jigs !!  Don't forget to watch Al's "fishing with mates" t.v show on channel 9 if you get a chance.     



When water conditions have been good  the big lake has been producing some reasonable trout over the last few weeks for the dedicated few that have braved the weather to give it a go. When "clear water" conditions are present... trolling lures both deep (away from the trees) and shallow is the go up in this neck of the woods (with the clip on your line sinker weight clips being the quickest and easiest way to simply get your lure down deep).  Both tassie devils and king cobra lures are just a couple of the gun lures in this vast waterway....with the added addition of a flashing ford fender-cowbell attracter fixed approx 80cm in front of the lure increasing your chances even further of success. If you are into chasing the mighty murray cod, then you will no doubt already know that Eildon is now "already" a quality big cod fishery...and it is only getting better as each year passes. As per normal with most cod fishing, don't expect to catch multiple numbers of them up here in a day...instead, normally 100's of casts or many hours trolling with your favourite lures are normally the go (it is more like a form hunting or hide and seek). Some of the big natives in this water are now in excess of the magical 1mtr mark and only getting bigger for dedicated anglers to target all year round ( there is no closed cod season in lake Eildon) beauty. Large deep diving lures like # 1 stumpjumpers are a good starting point up here if trolling, or alternatively if casting...then spinner baits, large surface swim baits, deep diving hardbody's and bibless crankbaits are usually the go to weapons of choice. This is yet another water that can get bloody cold in the winter if the water conditions are good and you are planning a trip... make sure you stay warm to enjoy the day.      


This great bit of water down Mornington way should (in theory) be absolutely "choc-o-block" full of trout... based upon the amount of fish that have been stocked in here. While limited "land based" only fishing options down here limits anglers opportunities to get to the trout ( mainly due to seasonal weed problems) the good news is however, that past stockings of estuary perch are now also in here to play the game for lure anglers fishing the weed edges and holes etc. When the perch are on the job...using both surface and diving hardbody lures at dawn and dusk are the go ...with most being caught and released by anglers wanting them to grow into bigger models. There is still talk that this water may at some point be open to Kayak fishos in the near future ??...heres hoping it happens sooner rather than later this space.    (Cont'd below)



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Most of our reasonably local metro trout lakes like Karkarook Park (Moorabbin), Casey Fields (Cranbourne), Rowville Lakes and Emerald Lake etc all received fresh stockings of rainbow trout prior to the recent school holidays....and there should be reasonable numbers of these fish still waiting to be caught (due to the cold wet weather keeping many mums dads and junior holiday anglers rugged up indoors). If you are thinking about giving the local trout fishing a go, a couple of your best baits will be powerbait and the Karkarook specialist trout pellet...they love these pellets if fished correctly. As always with trout fishing... on many occasions they are not playing the game on the day, however...if you are lucky enough to be there at the right time... you might just land 1 or 2 of these feisty little metro trout. Pop thru the store for all the tips and tricks if you are thinking of fishing some of our more local trout lakes...all of our staff fish the "closest to the store" Lake Karkarook a lot, and they will be more than happy to pass all their info on to you to help increase your chances. Most of these lakes should once again (in theory) receive further stockings of feisty rainbow trout just prior to the next school holidays.


When water conditions have been clear some very nice bream (and the occasional small jewie) have been taken from both the river and the actual lakes system over the last month or more. It is the lure guys that seem to have been having most success with chunky models up to an impressive 37cm taking Cranka Crab lures and soft plastic crab imitations. If bait fishing try using as little weight as conditions will allow (or alternatively use a float or no sinker at all) to hold your bait on or near the bottom. Live freshwater yabbies, maggots, scrub worms and bass yabby are normally the best baits for the water way, always...remember that this is a water that can be easily rain effected.  (Cont'd below)



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Fish Stocking News   Fisheries Victoria   July 21st

Our Snobs Creek hatchery might have turned 70 this year, but there's no stopping her. She's producing plenty of fish! More than 40,000 trout were stocked this week to improve freshwater fishing opportunities. All were grown at Snobs! - Lake Purrumbete, pictured (15,000 brown trout)
- Malmsbury Reservoir (7,000 browns) - Lake Eppalock (10,000 browns)
- Pykes Creek Reservoir (5,000 browns & 5,000 rainbows) 
The statewide fish stocking program, and fish production at Snobs, are funded by your fishing licence fees and the State Government's Target One Million plan, which aims to get more people fishing, more often.

News   Fisheries Victoria   July 10th

Guess where we've been stocking trout today? That's right! The mighty Toolondo! 7,000 brown trout and 1,775 rainbow trout yearlings were released with help from volunteers this afternoon. The fish were grown at our Snobs Creek hatchery, which is celebrating its 70th birthday this year. More rainbow trout yearlings will be released into Toolondo in coming months to bring the total to 3,000. Last year's water allocation of 10,000 megalitres from Rocklands to Toolondo has created ideal growing conditions for stocked trout. Increasing fish stocking to 5 million in 2018 is a key element of the State Government's Target One Million plan, which aims to get more people fishing, more often.

Wangaratta Trout Stocking News   Fisheries Victoria   July 10th

More rainbows, more smiles! Around 40 people gathered at Merriwa Park Lake this morning in Wangaratta to help stock another 200+ rainbow trout. These fish complement 200 rainbows released just prior to the holidays. Local fishing identity Robbie Alexander and Danielle Green MP released the fish, with plenty of keen help from families and children.   (Cont'd below)



Customer Tom sent us this pic of a very nice 2.3kg bass that his dad Robin caught while fishing at Hazelwood Pondage. Nice fish Robin... it just goes to show it's not only about the barra down there.

Keen angler Justin sent us these pic of this very big squid that he landed in Port Phillip. The hood measured a whopping 45cm and we are tipping it was destined for the table...well done Justin.


Port Phillip fisho John managed to catch this 
nice 50cm snapper while fishing off Black Rock on one of his past trips out. Well done John....a great fish and a great effort we recon.

Freshwater angler Gena caught this nice trout while fishing the Howqua area of Lake Eildon. This fish was just 1 of 3 caught for the day and we can see why Gena looks pretty happy. Well done mate.      .  


Good customer Barry landed this nice Rainbow  while fishing on his last trip up at Lake Dartmouth. Barry said all their fish were caught trolling Tassie Devils, however there were no monsters amongst them. Thanks for the info Barry.

The Hampton Rock Groins area is where young Oscar landed these 2 nice squid. Always great to see young keen anglers like yourself giving it a crack Oscar. Keep up the good work mate... and a great effort.   


Good customer Ross had to put his fly rod away to catch this awesome Port Phillip flatty. Ross said he was fishing out from Hampton and also caught plenty of other smaller models. Well done Ross.

Young gun angler Will landed this monster mackerel while fishing with his dad Scott on their recent trip to Thailand. That's a whopper wonder your dad was so proud of you !!


Tom, Justin, John, Gena, Barry, Oscar, Ross and Will ... for emailing us your photo's you have all won a Shimano Spectrum Plus 762SN Allrounder Fishing Rod  
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Email us at  a photo of yourself with your favourite catch... "if selected" to feature in a part of our newsletter, you will have a chance of winning one of  many great prizes to be given away. Please Include in your email your name and some brief details of where, when and size of your catch etc. All prizes need to be collected in person from our Bentleigh / Moorabbin Store and prizes may be subject change with out notice. Good fishing everyone !!!


Gippsland Flathead News   Fisheries Victoria   July  7th

Your fishing licence fees will fund a new project reviewing the status and biology of dusky flathead populations in Gippsland estuaries. The one-year project will include one-on-one knowledge surveys with experienced long-term dusky anglers, an online survey and a dusky flathead conference about the fishery, its characteristics, perceptions of anglers and their future aspirations. The project is one of 15 recently announced worth more than $1 million.

Gippsland Lakes Boating News   Fisheries Victoria   July  6th

We've just completed the installation of boundary markers at each of the river mouths in the Gippsland Lakes! The signs show the new restrictions on commercial netting areas in the Gippsland Lakes. It's all part of the State Government's Target One Million election commitment to expand protected areas around river mouths and provide clear marking of exclusion zones.

Fishing Regulations News   Fisheries Victoria   July  3rd

Our metro Fisheries Officers have been installing more metal fish length rulers onto piers and jetties around Melbourne. Recently, rulers have been installed at Werribee South, Williamstown, Brighton, St Kilda and Maribyrnong. There's 250 more metal rulers coming for piers and jetties across the state, thanks to a recently announced project funded by fishing licence fees.

Victorian Trout Breeding News   Fisheries Victoria   June  30th

11 volunteers from state and local trout fishing clubs came together this week at Snobs Creek to load around 60,000 trout eggs into 30 'Scotty Jordan' incubators. The incubator boxes will be deployed in three Victorian streams (Jamieson and King rivers, and Traralgon Creek) to look at their effectiveness in recovering wild trout populations. This project is funded by recreational fishing licence fees as a part of a two-year research program to help management of wild trout fisheries. Special thanks to the Australian Trout Foundation Inc for their leadership on this project and to all the wonderful volunteers that helped load up the incubators.



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