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Fishing for Murray Cod has become a big deal in Victoria over the last couple of years or so, with angler participation in our home state increasing dramatically as our native fishery continues to further improve. Hopefully it should be just a matter of time before we start to see (in Victoria) captures of models like this 1.2mtr absolute beast taken recently by angler Curtis while fishing Copeton Dam in NSW. No doubt about it Curtis, that's most likely a once in a lifetime achievement...well done mate !!

11/ 04 / 2017

Please note: All fishing reports are based on information received from locations over approx the previous 2-3 weeks. Some fishing locations listed below may or may not be affected by recent rains and poor weather conditions (if applicable). It may pay you first to check out the conditions at any of the locations you might be thinking about  heading too prior to your trip. All reports are as accurate and reliable as we can get them at the time of writing, however... of course, mother nature and fish themselves can switch it on and off at anytime Good fishing to everyone and we hope you all catch heaps. 


Prior to the recent poor weather, the last few weeks has seen some reasonable numbers of pinkie snapper up to 45cm inhabiting the shallow reef areas between Brighton, Parkdale and anywhere in between, however...some days they are playing the game and on other days they are not. Bait fisho's are finding cut pilchards one of the best bait options on our more local pinkies, with water depths of 5 to 10mts a good starting point to cast your line. The pinkies have also been biting extremely well on 3 to 4inch soft plastics... with the Mc Arthy, Reaction and Squidgy softies all catching their fair share on the right day (especially when smothered in Squidgy "S" Factor Strike Scent) As always with the local prepared to fish thru the small ones to catch a few of the more chunky models. Some good catches of bigger snapper up to approx 6 kg have also been caught out in the deeper water between Mt Martha and Carrum. Customer Bruce and his fishing mate Doug had a great session on these big reds in approx 19mtrs off Mornington...the guys managed a bag limit capture and left em biting...early morning or a tide change has been the go. 

Tasty flathead have also been providing a feed for anglers fishing our more northern shallow sections of the bay over the last few weeks, with the areas between St Kilda and Beaumaris Bay (prior to the recent rains) being best. Fish up to approx 50cm have been on the cards with most of your regulation baits of pilchard, squid and bluebait etc working well on these shallow water flathead, however... once again the soft plastic fisho's have been catching more of these guys by drifting and casting over the broken reef and sand areas. We are sure that most of you will agree... a good feed of flathead takes some beating when it comes to fresh fish for the table.

The last few weeks  has also seen the salmon continue to remain spread over many parts of Port Phillip, with the areas out from Mordialloc to Black Rock being just some of the grounds that they have been marauding our local baitfish population (when conditions have allowed anglers to get out there). As always with the salmon some days they are up and showing themselves and other days they are playing hide and seek...frustrating at times we know. When the weather allows... small metals, bibbed minnows, soft plastics and plastic occy skirts are all at times the go ( dependant upon conditions) for chasing these hard fighting sportfish.  (Cont'd below)



Some very good reports of big snapper in Port Phillip have come thru the store over the few weeks...with the deep water out from Mornington, Mt Martha and Carrum seeming to be the best areas for anglers giving it a go at daybreak or around a tide change. Good customer Bruce sent us this pic of his mate Doug, showing just 2 of the fish they caught from a bag limit capture. Well done must have been a great session.

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When conditions have been suitable (prior to the rain) the last few weeks or so has seen some pretty good numbers of southern calamari caught by boat anglers out from Sandringham to Parkdale, however the Mt Martha to Mt Eliza are and especially the more southern end of the peninsula is where much "greater numbers" of these tasty critters have been coming from (also with some very chunky size cuttlefish thrown in).  As always with these guys any unpleasant weather conditions can send these guys into hiding for a while, however... providing conditions are favourable...all the signs are showing that we may be in for a cracking squid fishing season over the next few months or so...fingers crossed hey.

The last few weeks has still seen some very nice whiting taken from our more bay waters between Mordialloc and Port Melbourne, however...while numbers of these guys from our more local waters (prior to the rain) may have dropped back a bit over recent weeks there have still been some nice fish out there waiting to be caught...anglers keeping on the move to hunt then down have been most successful. Further south ...the areas out from Blairgowrie to Portsea have continued to fish well on the KGW.


Quality Pinkie snapper have been taken from some of our more local piers and rock platforms between Mordialloc and Port Melbourne...with windy onshore sea conditions being the prime bite times. (especially at dawn and dusk) Pilchards and squid have been the best bait options for these guys with some fish measuring up to an impressive 50cm. The occasional really big snapper has also come from some of our more local landbased platforms. Some very nice bream have also been taken from some of these same piers and jetty's etc by anglers dropping Cranka Crab Lures down around the pylons (the bream go nuts for them). As always...stay safe if fishing in rough and windy conditions

While the garfish have been a bit inconsistent over recent weeks...some of our jetty's between Frankston and Sandringham (prior to the recent poor weather) have on some calm clear water days provided some fun float fishing for the anglers giving them a go. Silverfish and live maggots are normally your best baits for these guys with plenty of fine mix burley thrown in to attract them.

On the land based squid scene, the last few weeks has seen reasonable numbers of tasty assorted size models caught from many of Port Phillips piers, jetties and rock walls etc when suitable calm and clear conditions have been the go. Hopefully recent unpleasant weather patterns won't send the squid away on holidays and in to hiding ?. Look for the landbased squid fishing in Port Phillip to hopefully continue to improve even further over the coming months... where the Mt Martha rocks to Mornington pier region, the Mordialloc pier to Sandringham breakwater region and the southern end of the peninsula region should all be well and truly worth a go. Sizes 2.5 to size 3 jigs should be your best allround jig sizes. (Cont'd below)


Friend of the store Mitch (from E.J. Todd Fishing) shows us here that there have still some very nice barra to be caught out of the Hazelwood Pondage over the last couple of weeks (despite the power station being recently shut down). The water has cooled considerably since the shut down so it is anyone's guess (at this point) as to what is going to happen with the barra in here. If you are thinking about giving it a go...small paddle tail soft plastics like the Lucky Craft Opti Shads or Mc Arthy models are just a couple of the go to weapons for success in here, prepared to make plenty of casts and put in some serious time if you want to catch a beauty like this one.  Mitch landed this one approx 10 days after the power station was shut down. Well done wonder your smiling !



In Westernport
....Stony Point Pier has been one of the better landbased platforms to catch either squid or whiting over the last few weeks...with ether side of the high tide the go...pipi and mussels have been the go to baits for these whiting. Elephant fish have also been very slowly increasing in numbers  thru out the port over recent weeks with some captures coming from the Stockyard Point and Balnarring  locations etc (don't forget possession limit for elephant fish is 1 fish per angler). If you are thinking of heading down to Stockyard Point for a fish, it is best to do some planing homework prior to your trip or better still... speak to someone that knows the go at this location (you will need to plan around the tide and other stuff etc etc) Recent poor weather may have affected water conditions over many parts of the Port, however...the great thing about Westernport is that it generally only needs a few tide changes or so to clear things up


The whiting fishing has continued to remain pretty good in the Port over the last few weeks or more (prior to the rain and wind etc) with some very nice bags of "big fish" up to 45cm taken by anglers willing to keep on the move and hunt them down. When conditions have been good, the Middle Spit still seems to have been one of the better areas to start the game of hide and seek for the whiting, however... be prepared to try both shallow and deep locations to hopefully crack the code. Customer Alby and his fishing companion recently had a cracking session on the Tyabb Bank, catching a heap of  very big KGW in rather unpleasant weather conditions, however... news is the reward was certainly worth the effort.

Reports of a few big snapper from the Port have also filtered through the store over the last few weeks or so ...with the occasional nice fish (that we know of) pulling the scales down to approx 5.2kg. Patches of quality pinkie snapper have also been on the go in some parts of the Port, with the main channel area being just one of the spots to try and find these guys. Fresh squid, slimy mackerel and yakka's (if you can get them ?) have been working well on these pinkies...alternatively frozen pilchard, striped tuna and barracouta baits will also work well. Look for any dirty discoloured water (if applicable) to quickly clear in the Port

Numbers of gummy sharks also seem to be widespread thru out the Port over recent weeks with reports of models up to an impressive 16kg making them well worth a go. Some elephant fish have also  made an appearance over recent time, however....don't forget that the possession limit for the elephants is only 1 fish per angler.  (Cont'd below)



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This very deep crater lake down Camperdown way has plenty of quality chinook salmon and chunky rainbows spread thru-out it's very deep water column, and providing water quality is good it should continue to provide some excellent fishing from now until at least October. Reports from the lake over the last few  weeks have shown some excellent captures of  the mixed sized chinook (up to approx 2kg) by anglers both bait fishing and trolling as well as some hard fighting very well conditioned rainbows. As always with Bullen Merri it can be a hot or cold option in relation to the fish biting or not on the day, however... as staff member  Jeff says " that's typical Bullen Merri and to be expected at times".. Bait fishing for the salmon with bluebait, whitebait, glassies and pilchard pieces are the go down here for bait fisho' simply find where the fish are holding on your fish finder and then lower your baits down to them on a running sinker style rig. Cat food and tuna pellet burley will also play a big part in holding the fish in your strike zone and getting them to feed. Trollers with downriggers (or drop weight clips) also do well down here on both the chinook and the rainbows, however ...concentrate your efforts above the thermo cline layer for best results. Bullen Merri is indeed a "legendary trophy fish water" and you never know how big your next fish out of here is going to be.


The big lake is slowly cooling down now that summer is behind us, and prior to the recent rain etc, some nice trout had already being taken by trollers fishing their lures deep down. The dam wall and Frazer National Park areas of the lake have both been giving up a few of these nice trout, with Tassie Devils the standout lure of choice for most anglers giving it a go. Don't forget this big stretch of water is now full of excellent size murray cod and golden perch for anglers to also target on their next trip up to this neck of the woods. When water clarity is good and cools even further...look for the trout up here to also be caught flat line trolling.  


This very pretty waterway has continued to receive it's regular stocking of assorted sized trout... and when water conditions are good, remains one of the best options to land some quality trout (perhaps even a monster ?). Power Bait, local dough mix, trout pellets and live mudeyes remain your best baits in here, however... if the water clarity is good it's certainly well worth throwing around a lure or two. A great place to visit and a great place to fish. (Cont'd below)



Our local Karkarook Park Lake in Moorabbin has once again been re-stocked over recent weeks...this time with over 1600 feisty rainbows being released to promote some great family fishing fun. Drop into the store for all of the Karkarook tips and tricks if you are thinking about heading to the lake to try your luck.     



Our local lake on the corner of Warrigal and South Road  recently received its first stocking of feisty rainbow trout for the year (approx 1600+ ) with many already being caught by anglers. Small pieces of powerbait fished on a # 12 to #16 treble hook is one of the best methods to catch these local metro rainbows... however small bladed Blue Fox Vibrax lures and small Bibbed minnow lures are also well worth a try. The other top bait for the trout in here is the "Specialist Karkarook Park Trout Pellets" (yes in stock now) with the new released trout absolutely loving these tasty little bite size nuggets... come in and grab a bag if you are going to give it a go. Look for the lake to be re-stocked on a couple of more occasions over the next few months or so...normally the week prior to school holidays ?.


Even though we are only just starting this years "so called traditional" west coast southern bluefin tuna season... the good news is that large schools of small to medium size fish have already been present and in isolated pockets for many, many weeks now (some schools have remained present almost right thru-out summer). Some bluewater anglers have been onto these already existing fish when conditions have allowed over recent months... with both spin fisho's and trollers reporting of success on the right days. All the signs are showing that it is going to fire up big time "real soon" and we will hopefully be in for another cracking season. Reports of the "occasional monster" over the magic 100kg mark have already been reported from some areas, and if as many barrels are caught again this season as the last 2 seasons it truly would be a dream come true for many. Stay tuned to our future reports for all the hot Portland - West Coast S.B.T action as it unfolds. As it safe if venturing out on to the bluewater and..... if in doubt, don't go out.


Locally and when conditions
have allowed, both Gunnamatta and Kilcunda surf beaches have provided a few nice salmon up to approx 1.5kg over the last month, with both daybreak or either side of the high tide being best....these fish have been caught on both lures and bait (pipi, bluebait, whitebait) with overcast conditions being preferable. The Ninety Mile beach has also been providing some salmon action with the Loch Sport and Golden Beach locations being at good place to try. Think about also giving the gummies a go after dark if you are heading down to the 90 mile Beach.
 (Cont'd below)



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Prior to the recent rains a few nice trout had been coming from the river....where over the next few weeks ( if water conditions are suitable ) we should hopefully see some further good fishing on the go. This long stretch of the river is still holding good numbers of trout ranging from 200gms up to an impressive 2kg, however... generally speaking, better numbers of the bigger fish can be further up stream at this time of the year due to approaching spawning duties etc. Lure fisho's tend to do best at this time of the year with Rapala style minnows, Blue Fox Vibrax Spinners and Wobbler spoon type lures all doing the job. 


When water conditions have been suitable... some super keen kayak jewie fishermen have still been managing to sneak a nice jewie or two  from these very local metro waterways... yes these guys are very dedicated fisho's... that's for sure. Some nice pinkie snapper, flathead and bream have also been caught down near the mouth of the Yarra. The Patterson river is also another one to keep an eye on for the jewies. 


Tyers has already established itself as an excellent trophy flathead and bream fishery over recent times and it will be interesting to see if last years release of Juvenile Mulloway pay dividends in the long term...hopefully so ?. Some fantastic trophy sized flathead have been caught from the estuary over the last couple of months, however...the big flathead action seems to be know dropping back and making way for some great bream action. When water conditions are favourable...soft plastics and various styles of small hardbody lures will be the if you want to chase the bream.


Well unless you have been hiding under a rock you will all no doubt know that the Hazelwood power station is now well and truly closed down. While most of the barra in the early stages of the opening seemed to mainly inhabit the warmer water (closed sections) of the lake...the last month or so prior to the closure did see some reasonable numbers of fish up to approx 75cm caught by dedicated anglers from many other sections of the lake...mainly on small to medium sized paddle tail soft plastic slow rolled along or near the bottom. Some nice fish have still continued to be caught after the shutdown (with reduced water temperatures) still remains to be seen how things are going to work out with these Victorian barra ??(Cont'd below)



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Eildon Pondage News   Fisheries Victoria   March  24th

The Eildon Pondage was stocked this morning with more than 1,000 rainbow trout from our Snobs Creek hatchery, consisting of: - 950 averaging 210g each - 35 averaging 500g - 35 averaging 1.5kg

Lake Tyers Access News   Fisheries Victoria
   March  17th

High numbers of juvenile King George whiting have been recorded in recent surveys of Port Phillip Bay.
This new strong year-class of whiting will grow quickly and be catchable size from spring 2018.
These results bode well for the future and will get more people fishing more often, which is at the heart of the State Government's Target One Million plan for recreational fishing. The annual surveys have been undertaken around the bay since 1998 and are a reliable predictor of future catches. The bumper whiting catches enjoyed by anglers in recent times are the result of exceptional juvenile whiting numbers detected in the 2013 survey. Anglers have welcomed the latest results given low juvenile whiting counts in 2014 and 2015. People fishing outside the bays along the coast can expect increased catches of larger whiting over the next few years as these mature fish move out to spawn during winter, most likely off far western Victoria and eastern SA. The tiny whiting larvae drift eastward for approximately 3 months before entering Port Phillip Bay and other sheltered bays in spring, when our scientists conduct surveys in seagrass beds. Westerly winds help drive currents that bring whiting larvae into the bay, where they take about 2 years to reach the minimum size of 27cm. At about 4 years of age, most whiting have left the bays to complete their life in coastal waters. Because whiting only reside in the bays for a few years of their life, these fisheries naturally fluctuate depending on the number of tiny larvae that entered the bays several years prior. High numbers recorded in the most recent survey were consistent with a 2016 winter-spring climate characterised by frequent and strong westerly winds.

Golden Perch Stocking News   Fisheries Victoria   March  17th

It's gold, gold gold for as far as the eye can see. Golden perch that is! This week we've stocked more than 313,000 into a dozen waters to improve inland fishing opportunities. It's all part of getting more people fishing, more often as part of the State Government's Target One Million plan.
- Cairn Curran Reservoir (50,000) - Lake Eppalock (150,000) - Gunbower Creek (37,500)
- Campaspe River, Axedale (25,000) - Kow Swamp, Cohuna (22,500) - Lake Miga (5,000)
- Ratzcastle Lake, Kangawall (5,000) - Lake Carpolac (5,000) - Lake Bringalbert (5,000) - Lake Marma (4,000) - Loddon River, Kerang (2,000) - Foletti Caravan Park Lake (2,000)
  (Cont'd below)



Customer Graham landed this nice rainbow on a soft plastic lure while fishing the Eildon Pondage. He also caught 4 other smaller models on the day, however this was the biggest one to go in the frying pan. Nice one Graham...we bet it tasted great 

Proud dad Peter sent us these pics of his 2 sons Jonathon and Christopher holding a couple of ripper fish that the family caught while fishing. Well done guys...they are certainly fish to be proud of. Hopefully more to come hey !!.


Port Phillip angler Nick managed to catch this 
nice bag of king george whiting while fishing between Parkdale and Beaumaris on one of his past trips out. Well done Nick....a great bag, a great day and a great feed we recon.

"Now that's a big flathead". Up and coming young angler Bridget caught and released this monster while on holidays down at Wonboyn Lake. The fish took a live nipper that Bridgetand her dad pumped themselves. Well done's a whopper.   .  


Good customer Arthur landed this nice Murray Cod  while fishing on his last trip up at Lake Eildon. The fish measured 70cm and took a bunch of worms at 5.30am. Well done deserve to catch a beauty at that time of the morning

Looks like whiting will be on the go for breakfast, lunch and dinner at customer Alby's house. Both he and his fishing buddy caught all these big fat models on one of their recent trips out around Westernport's Tyabb Bank. Keep up the good work guys... and a great catch.   


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Email us at  a photo of yourself with your favourite catch... "if selected" to feature in a part of our newsletter, you will have a chance of winning one of  many great prizes to be given away. Please Include in your email your name and some brief details of where, when and size of your catch etc. All prizes need to be collected in person from our Bentleigh / Moorabbin Store and prizes may be subject change with out notice. Good fishing everyone !!!


Lake Tyers Access News   Fisheries Victoria   March  15th

Fishing access has just got better at Lake Tyers thanks to nearly 18km of improvement works on seven vehicle tracks in Lake Tyers State Park. The park is one of ten under a joint management partnership between the Gunaikurnai Land and Waters Aboriginal Corporation (GLaWAC) and Parks Victoria.
The GLaWAC Joint Management Rangers have been a key partner in supporting these on-ground works, which included reforming the surface, reinstating drainage run-off points and re-sheeting sections with gravel to improve longevity. The track work will reduce unnecessary driving along sensitive shorelines to reach fishing spots, which is good for anglers and good for the coastal environment.
The project was undertaken by Parks Victoria using a $45,300 grant from Target One Million.
- Burnt Bridge (West) track - 2.8km - Cherry Tree Track - 1.3km - Pile Bay Track - 3.7km
- Crystal Bay Track - 1.1km - Gibbs Track - 1.6km - Pettman Road - 5.2km - Morgan's Landing/Ironbark Track - 2km

Victorian Kingfish News   Fisheries Victoria   March  14th

Significant catches of large kingfish were once reported right along our coast. However, during the 1990's and early 2000's it was rare to catch a kingfish in Victoria. Since 2010, the number and size of kingfish have increased significantly and they're once again a highly sought after gamefish. Are they here to stay or is this recovery cyclic? Were anglers just not targeting them? As part of a two year project funded by recreational fishing licence fees, researchers are investigating the historical catches of kingfish caught all over Victoria. This may help explain changes in kingfish abundance at different places and whether migration is important. If you or your fishing club have catch records, photos or stories about kingfish caught prior to 2000, contact Dr. Corey Green on (03) 5258 0275 or email

Golden Perch Stocking News   Fisheries Victoria   March  9th

Our golden perch stockings were in full throttle on Tuesday when 19 waters shared in more than 123,000 fingerlings.
Lake Buffalo - 10,000 Boosey Creek, Katamatite - 11,000 Broken Creek, Nathalia - 20,000
Moodemere Lake, Rutherglen - 10,000 Goulburn River, above and below Goulburn Weir - 50,000
Lake Sambell, Beechworth - 5,000 Victoria Lake, Shepparton - 5,000 Seven Creeks, Euroa - 3,000
Allans Flat Dredge Hole -1,500 Sumsion Gardens Lake, Wodonga - 1,500 Kialla Lakes, Shepparton 1,500 Eldorado Dredge Hole - 1,000 King Lake, Rutherglen - 1,000 Amaroo Lake, Shepparton - 500
Arboretum Dam, Euroa - 500 Craigmuir Lake, Mooroopna - 500 Lowanna Lake, Shepparton - 500
Stanley Ditch Dam - 500 Tronoh Dredge Hole, Harrietville - 500
Murray cod stockings continued today with Gunbower Creek receiving 13,200 and the Loddon River at Kerang 2,250 fingerlings.



 The last month or so has seen staff member Jared wading the shores of Lake Tyers, casting out his favourite soft plastics and hardbody lures to catch the big ones like this model. Jared says that while the big flathead action has slowed down some what (compared to what it was a while back) expect some quality bream fishing down here to carry us on thru-out Autumn and into Winter. Nice flattie Jared !!


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