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Now that's one hell of a fish. Customer Jacques landed this beast that weighed in excess of the old 20lb mark on one his recent trips out on to Port Phillip. Well done Jacques...we can certainly see can see why he is looking pretty pleased with himself. Big reds in Port betcha! 

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Please note: All fishing reports are based on information received from locations over approx the previous 2-3 weeks. Some fishing locations listed below may or may not be affected by recent rains and poor weather conditions (if applicable). It may pay you first to check out the conditions at any of the locations you might be thinking about  heading too prior to your trip. All reports are as accurate and reliable as we can get them at the time of writing, however... of course, mother nature and fish themselves can switch it on and off at anytime Good fishing to everyone and we hope you all catch heaps. 



With  more settled and fishable weather over the last few weeks, we have seen more snapper fisho's managing to get out on to the water...which of course has led to more big reds being caught. Quality over quantity still seems to be the pattern, however... make no mistake some anglers have still managed some red hot multiple fish bite sessions on some trips. As previously mentioned size and quality of the snapper has been the big talking point in Port Phillip, with anglers regularly reporting of fish ranging from 2kg up to a massive 9kg+...can't complain too much about that hey !. 

At the time of writing water temp is still considerably low for this time of year, things continue to warm, hopefully (based on history) we will see a fairly large increase in the numbers of mixed size fish start to roll in. Conditions dependent shallow or deep anywhere out from Carrum to Mordialloc and Ricketts Point to Port Melbourne should hopefully put you on to some big red action .

With the snapper now showing on the sounder in better numbers than a few weeks ago, you may want to think "not" spending as long in one spot if you have had no success. Our thoughts are... find some fish...sit on them for half an hour or so...if no action...find some more fish...repeat this until you find some reds that are playing the game. You may wish to vary this strategy if you are sitting on some really good marks and a tide change or sun up or sun down is just around the corner.

One further snapper tip is to make sure some of your baits are fished weightless (no sinker) as on many occasions the fish are not always rummaging along the bottom. Cast straight out the back of the boat... these weightless bait offerings will very slowly sink down through the water column and normally sit up off the bottom. (dependent upon tide and wind conditions) These unweighted baits on many occasions will be your number one fish taker on the you may want to make sure that a couple of your rods are always set up this way. (Cont'd below)



Good customer Kent is now on the big snapper scoreboard, with this very big model he recently caught out from Carrum. Excellent fish Kent and plenty more to come we hope.

Kent for sending us your photo you have won a Shimano Spectrum Plus 762SN fishing rod. 
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On the Port Phillip squid it has been for some months now...the southern end of the Mornington Peninsula and Queenscliff areas continues to be the place to go for numbers of the bigger models, however...the Mornington Mt Martha region has also been pretty good for mixed size specimens. Closer to home a some ok numbers have also been taken around the Black Rock area over the last couple of weeks, however as always... be aware that any recent bad weather events can send them into hiding in these closer to Melbourne waters.

Australian salmon up to approx 1.5kg have "at times" been hunting down our local baitfish population... areas out from Sandringham, Ricketts Point and Parkdale have all been locations where these hard fighting sportfish have been showing themselves over the last few of weeks or so. If you are lucky enough to be out there when they show.... then stand by for some serious fishing fun.

Some nice size flathead have been caught over the last few of weeks... with the shallow broken reefs waters between Port Melbourne and Ricketts Point seeming to be the more consistent areas. If you want to specifically target the flatties in our more northern end of the bay it is hard to go past Squidgy fish and D.O.A paddle tail soft plastics... they lov'em.


Many landbased anglers have been concentrating their efforts on the big snapper for the last month or so...with some very large trophy sized fish hitting the deck for those putting in the serious time and effort normally required. Brighton, St Kilda and Sandringham breakwaters... as well as Mordialloc Pier, Parkdale Beach and Mt Martha Rocks are all good landbased snapper locations to try for a big one. Af riendly reminder to all....if fishing rough and windy conditions from any landbased structure make sure that you play it safe at all times (even consider wearing a life jacket) The sad and unfortunate death of an angler fishing from the Mordialloc Pier recently should hopefully serve as a wake up call to us all.

Queenscliff has been a hot spot for land based squid anglers over the last couple of weeks, with good numbers of models up to approx 2kg playing the game...size 3 or 3.5 jigs have been the go for this area. When conditions have been good the more southern end of Mornington Peninsula has also been pretty good on the squid scene... while closer to home some mixed size models have at times come from our local piers and jetty's between Mordialloc and Sandringham...calm and clear water conditions is what you want when chasing these tasty critters.      (Cont'd below)


Good numbers of king george whiting up to approx 40cm are already on the go in some parts of Westernport...and with the weather and water temp slowly heating up there should be plenty more on the way real soon. Bring it on !!!



Over the next few weeks the King George whiting should start to show in greater numbers on some of Westernport's favourite piers and jetties etc. Look for Stony Point and Hastings piers as just two of the locations you could try to pick up a nice whiting or two etc...pipi, beachworms or thin strips of fresh squid will be 3 of your best baits. Come in and check out the "Westernport landbased spots book" shows you absolutely heaps and heaps of awesome landbased spots for you to try in the is an absolute little ripper book if you don't own a boat.


At the time of writing some excellent size snapper have continued to come from the Port over the last few weeks, however...many in the know Westernport anglers are still waiting on the arrival of the much bigger numbers to make their appearance. The North Arm, Lysaughts, Crawfish Rock and Corinella areas have been just a few of  the spots to  return some very chunky models up to approx 8kg, however....of the numbers of fish that are in the Port they really are now spread far and wide...we just need all their mates to join the party and it should be hopefully full on.

Some nice gummy sharks have also been caught by anglers in the Port over the last few weeks... where mixed captures of both snapper and gummies in the one session can be a common occurrence (sounds like a win - win to us). Look for the gummies to continue on the go right through-out Summer, and most importantly... make sure your baits are "not spinning" in the current for greater success.

The real good news is that good quality King George whiting up to approx 40cm have already turned up in ok numbers over many parts of the Port. This is a dilemma for many Westernport anglers... as they now have to decide whether to continue chasing the snapper ....or alternatively make an early switch to the K.G.W....nice problem hey. Best whiting reports that we have heard of so far have come from The Middle Spit, Tankerton and Tortoise bank areas, however... expect these tasty critters to start popping up almost everywhere real's hoping.  

Lastly the southern calamari have still been on the go... with the conditions of the day often determining what frame of mind the squid are in. As always the Tyabb and Quail Banks continue to produce the calamari, however... the areas of the Port closer to the ocean seem to be where the larger quantities of the bigger specimens seem to have been.  (Cont'd below)



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Not much in the way of reports from our more local surf beaches, however ...further east it has been sections of the Ninety Mile Beach that has kept some anglers on their toes over the last month or so. Quality gummy sharks have been the main target for the Ninety Mile Beach fishos...with reasonable numbers of these vert tasty critters taken by anglers fishing after dark. Other species of bigger sharks have also been caught by anglers geared up to tackle them. Some big salmon have also been taken off the 90 mile


Fisheries recently released good numbers of "big brown trout" into the pondage...which help boost even further the already existing population of fish making the pondage home. If targeting the newly released fish then it's pretty hard to go past local dough mix or trout pellets (held on to your hook with a silicon ring) or alternatively... it is hard to go past powerbait for the newly released rainbows. Once the fish have been in this water for a good while (resident fish) then more natural offerings like live mudeye are normally the go.


Reports are that some more monster browns have continued to come out of the lake over recent weeks...with one lucky angler taking a fish in excess of 10lb trolling a tassie devil lure. The occasional big chinook salmon in excess of 3kg+ have also been keeping anglers on their well as a few redfin and small new release brook trout. Purrumbete certainly looks like it is going to be a great mixed fishery over the next couple of years.


The last few weeks has seen this deep water crater lake continue to produce some nice mixed sized rainbows and  chinook salmon for those giving it a go. Landbased lure fisho's fishing at first and last light have seen some action, however... once the sun gets up in the sky a bit many of the fish seem to move out into the deeper water. (unless conditions are overcast) This very deep bit of water can at times fish very well through out keep an eye out for more info in our future fishing reports.  (Cont'd below)



Look for Lake Bullen Merri to hopefully fish well for both chinook salmon and rainbows over the next couple of months or so...with it's deep, deep water providing cool water for the fish to thrive. Don't be surprised if you bump in to previous store owner Jeff (pictured) if your down there...he loves the place.



When conditions have been suitable, these 3 pretty little streams have at times been fishing well for small trout for the anglers knowing how to target them best. Fly and lure is the go in these delicate streams where "catch and release is definitely the preferred option" to help preserve fish stocks for the future. Small wet nymph style flies fished under a strike indicator fly (like Royal Wulf, Humpy etc) is the go for the fly brigade...while small floating Rapala minnow style lures are a good starting point for the lure anglers. Word of warning!!! be on the look out for snakes as it is that time of the year. 


At the time of writing this water has still been a bit quiet on the trout front, however...the good news is that it is still receiving its water allocation and slowly but surely constantly on the rise. Look for some XOS size trout to come from this location in the future. Some quality redfin are also to be had out of this same water


The last few weeks has seen the flathead fishing in Tyers continually on the improve when conditions have been both fish and angler friendly. We are fast approaching that time of the year again when the big flathead fishing will be at its peak again (last season saw the month of January was prime). Medium size paddle tail soft plastics and diving hardbody lures were just two of the successful weapons last year...with the other absolute "standout lure" being a "bent minnow"...the monster flathead lov'em.


Word is that when
conditions have been favourable...some of the rivers and creeks etc down this neck of the woods have been giving up some very nice brown trout over the last few month or so. Small to medium size hardbody minnow style lures are generally the go for this area and style of fishing...where surprisingly models up to approx 2.5kg are not so uncommon. The Hopkins and Mr Emu waters are just 2 of the waters to try down this way, aware that the fish can be very fickle and at times hard to tempt in these skinny waters.
   (Cont'd below)



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Extracts from various Victorian fishing media outlets etc. Further details and information on the topics, articles etc may be available by you viewing the relevant websites and social media outlets etc.   


When it comes to catching big cod, just think Rod MacKenzie aka Codmac!
Look at any recent pictures of big cod and youíre more than likely to see Rod's smiling face straining under the weight of a river monster.
Rod specialises in catching the largest Murray cod in the river and heís going to share some of his secrets for fooling BIG cod at the upcoming 'Codference' in Shepparton at the Eastbank Conference on Sunday 11 December from 9am till 3.30pm.
If you want to tackle a metre cod, you need all the help you can get so come and listen to the man himself.
Best of all, itís free!
The 'Codference' is a free event but seats are limited, so register your place by emailing or calling 03 8392 6876.

Native Fish News   Fisheries Victoria   November  15th

To help evaluate the effectiveness of 44 'fish motels' installed into Kangaroo Lake in 2014, we're supporting a community fishing day on Saturday 19 November from 7am till 4pm.
Whilst not a competition, there'll be plenty of prizes and give-aways for participants and entry is free.
Anglers will be encouraged to fish on and near the structures, but also away from them in order to build an overall picture and enable comparisons of catch and effort.
The meeting point for the day is the Lions Park, just off Gorton Drive on the southwest side of the lake. Participants can collect their angler diary there too so all fish details and time spent fishing are recorded.
Registration is encouraged by contacting Karl Mathers on 0423 378 803 or, or just turn up on the day at the meeting point.
The installation of fish motels into lakes Kangaroo and Boga, along with this evaluation, were funded by fishing licence fees.   

Trout News   Fisheries Victoria   November  10th

150 big bad browns were released into the Eildon Pondage today. They ranged between 1.8 and 3kg each and were sourced from our Snobs Creek hatchery nearby.
Fish production and stocking is funded by your fishing licence fees and the State Government's Target One Million plan, which aims to get more people fishing, more often.
(Cont'd below)





Proud dad Ryan sent us this pic of his daughter Clair holding a very nice snapper that they recently caught while out on the bay. Nice fish Clair...looks like you showed your dad how it's done.

Customer Chris landed this awesome barra on his recent trip out on to Lake Monduran in sunny Queensland. Well done Chris...probably close to the magic 1 metre mark ?? 


Super keen estuary angler Wazza caught and released this very chunky bream down at his home away from home Bemm River. Good one wonder your still smiling. 
Young fisho Will recons this snapper fishing thing is pretty good, showing us here this beauty he recently caught out from Carrum. Well done Will...that one is going to hard to top.

Customer Jim hooked this trophy big red in 19mtrs out from Carrum and it is most certainly a fish to be proud of. Top fish Jim...that's what you call "a real one"

Keen snapper man Jim has also been chasing the big snapper and once again has got the job done. Well done Jim...we know that you will be out there whenever mother nature lets you on the water.


Claire, Chris, Wazza, Will, Jim & also Jim ... for emailing us your photo's you have all won a Shimano Spectrum Plus 762SN Allrounder Fishing Rod  
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Email us at  a photo of yourself with your favourite catch... "if selected" to feature in a part of our newsletter, you will have a chance of winning one of  many great prizes to be given away. Please Include in your email your name and some brief details of where, when and size of your catch etc. All prizes need to be collected in person from our Bentleigh / Moorabbin Store and prizes may be subject change with out notice. Good fishing everyone !!!


Extracts from various Victorian fishing media outlets etc. Further details and information on the topics, articles etc may be available by you viewing the relevant websites and social media outlets etc.   


Safety  News   Fisheries Victoria   November  18th

The new VicEmergency App has launched. Get all your emergency information from one source.
Going out fishing? Get the new VicEmergency App on your phone so that you can get notifications for shark sightings, storms and weather alerts.

With improved functionality, you can set up a watch zone and choose the notifications for emergency types and you will be first to know if something is happening so you can plan your fishing trip.
The VicEmergency App replaces the existing FireReady app and provides warning and incident notifications for a variety of emergencies, not just fires and floods.
You can download the free App from your mobile phone app store or at
For existing FireReady users, the new VicEmergency App is available as an update.

Drought recovery fish stockings  Fisheries Victoria

Excellent rainfall in spring has significantly improved water levels in several Victorian lakes and reservoirs, which can now be stocked with fish. In October 2016, fisheries managers met with anglers and local Fisheries Officers at Ballarat to fine tune plans for 'drought recovery' fish stockings, which are summarised below:
Waterway Rainbow trout Brown trout
Greenhill Lake 4000 2000
Lake Bolac 8000 -
Lake Burrumbeet 15,000 -
Lake Beaufort 3000 -
Lake Elingamite 4000 1000
Lake Wallace 4000 1000
Bostock Reservoir 4000 1000
Deep Lake 1000 1000
Tullaroop Reservoir 20,000 3000 (already received 7000)
Lake Tooliorook Already received 5000 Already received 3000
Teddington Res (bottom) 4000 -
Teddington Res (upper) - 2000
Moorabool Reservoir Already received 6000 Already received 6000. Further 30,000 fingerlings.

These fish stockings are in addition to substantial trout releases through winter.
All of the trout in the table will be released before Christmas 2016.
Trout will be sourced from Fisheries Victoria's hatchery at Snobs Creek, near Eildon, while others will be purchased from private hatcheries still holding 'late season' stock.
Increasing fish stocking is a key commitment of the State Government's Target One Million plan for recreational fishing, which aims to get more people fishing, more often.
Fish stocking is also supported by funds raised through the sale of recreational fishing licences.



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