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"Hammer Time" ...well at least it was for good customer Stewart. He landed this welcome surprise on one of his recent trips out on to Westernport and we can certainly see why he is smiling. Well done mate's a beauty.

Stewart for sending us your photo you have won a Shimano Spectrum Plus 762SN fishing rod. Come in and pick it up before 08/03/2017


22 / 02 / 2017

Please note: All fishing reports are based on information received from locations over approx the previous 2-3 weeks. Some fishing locations listed below may or may not be affected by recent rains and poor weather conditions (if applicable). It may pay you first to check out the conditions at any of the locations you might be thinking about  heading too prior to your trip. All reports are as accurate and reliable as we can get them at the time of writing, however... of course, mother nature and fish themselves can switch it on and off at anytime Good fishing to everyone and we hope you all catch heaps. 


The last few weeks has seen some nice size pinkie snapper caught by soft plastic fisho's when sea conditions have been user friendly. The close onshore shallow reef areas between Ricketts Point and Black Rock have been best, with dawn and dusk definitely the best bite period for anglers to focus their efforts around. Strike Pro's Reaction, D.O.A paddle tails and Squidgy Pro soft plastics smothered in s-factor scent have been just some of the best soft plastics working well for these the pinkies.

Some quality gummy sharks up to an impressive 14kg have been caught out around the shipping channel areas over the last few weeks. Best baits have been salmon, trevally, slimy mackerel and squid. As always... make sure you are aware of anchoring requirements when fishing these areas.

On the whiting scene, the last few weeks has seen some keen anglers continue to catch the K.G.W  in good numbers down towards the more southern end of the Peninsula. Locally reports of K.G.W up to approx 42cm have also continued to come thru the store (however not in the same numbers as further south) with the areas out from Parkdale to Brighton (and anywhere in between) being best. Pipi, mussel, beachworms and  match thin squid strips have been the best baits for these Port Phillip whiting. As always... you need to keep on the move and try to locate any fish that may be sitting in the scattered sand holes in amongst the reef and weed areas etc. 

The squid have been in ok numbers locally (Mordialloc to Sandringham) however... as always be aware that any recent dirty water (if applicable ?) can at times send them into hiding for a little while ? Further south the Mt Eliza, Mornington and Mt Martha areas have all been producing some very good numbers of tasty size models over recent weeks, and should hopefully continue to do so for some time yet. The majority of the models caught over the last few weeks seem to range from small to medium in size (however with also few larger ones thrown in) so size 2.5 and size 3 jigs are probably your best size jigs to use at the moment. As always calm and clear water conditions are best for the if possible always try and plan your trips around these more favourable conditions.  (Cont'd below)



The kings in the Rip have still been on the go over the last few weeks or so... with both jigs and baits accounting for some quality fish on the right days. Super keen fisho Hamish landed this nice model on one of his recent trips and reports that the Yakamito  M-DVA 250gm High Speed Knife Jig was a standout performer on the day. Well done Hamish...looks like there were plenty of other boats out there with you on the day.

Hamish for sending us your photo you have won a Shimano Spectrum Plus 762SN fishing rod. Come in and pick it up before 08/03/2017



The last few weeks has seen big mobs of chunky australian salmon up to an impressive 1.3kg continue to pop up all around the bay...with many anglers having an absolute blast when they get on to them. While areas close to shore off Mornington, Mt Eliza, Mordialloc, Parkdale, Black Rock and Sandringham etc have all been areas where the salmon have been showing in recent times...don't be surprised however if they turn up anywhere, at anytime, and for whatever reason...yes as always they are very unpredictable.

On the big snapper scene we think it is pretty fair to say that not to many people have been targeting them, however...when conditions have allowed, out wide from Mt Martha, Mornington and Carrum has continued to be the best areas for the big reds over the last month. If you are going to go out deep and give the snapper a go, expect the majority of the fish to be the smaller school size models, however... some big fellas up to 6.5kg are also still there to keep anglers guessing what will come over the side next.


Locally, Port Phillip landbased fisho's spinning with soft plastics( for flathead) have continued to catch some nice fish over the last few weeks when conditions have been suitable. The St Kilda to Brighton area has remained one of the better locations to try for these local flatties, however... pop into the store and speak to Justin for some more detailed info (Justin's tricks and tips) on these guys if you are going to give them a go. Small to mediums size pinkie snapper and a few nice whiting have also been taken from the St Kilda, Brighton and Sandringham piers over recent weeks.

Both Stony Point and Hastings piers have provided some nice table fish over the last few weeks, with whiting, squid, trevally and flathead all hitting the deck at different times and on various days. Best times are either side of the high tide if you are thinking of planning a trip (Cont'd below)


Up and coming young angler Kai with his "first ever" KGW he caught while fishing with dad Simon down Port Albert way. I am sure everyone will all agree... that's one very big whiting for a young blokes first effort. Well done Kai...keep up the good work.   

Kai for sending us your photo you have won a Shimano Spectrum Plus 762SN fishing rod. Come in and pick it up before 08/03/2017



The whiting still remain the main focus for most Westernport anglers over the last few weeks, where variable conditions, at times, making things challenging for these guys. As always it's normally a game of hide and seek for the KGW in the Port, with the pattern over the last few weeks seeing anglers having a cracking session one day, but not so good the next  Good tidal flow is when the fish seem to have been biting best, however... if the tides are big, then either side of the tide change or in the shallower water will help you fish under these conditions. Try deeper when you can for potential better numbers of the bigger models and make sure you keep on the move for new spots if you have not had a bite within the first 10 to 15minutes.Try taking a pack pre shelled mussels on your next whiting trip...they can be a fantastic alternative to pipi at times when the K.G.W  are playing hard to get. There are also good numbers of quality flathead being caught in the Port

Like Port Phillip the salmon are also spread throughout the Port...with large isolated schools making their presence known at anytime and anywhere .These guys provide both excellent fun and also make great gummy shark bait...they are also pretty good on the table if you bleed them and eat them fresh, however.... as we know many people are not so keen on their taste. Best lures for Westernport's salmon have been small plastic occy squids and blue, white or silver metal style lures.

Once again the squid have continued to remain in good numbers and of a good size throughout the Port this season, continuing to be found over most of your traditional whiting grounds etc. Size 3 and 3.5 jigs are the go out in this very tidal water with the Yakamito PX Series ( in particular the metallic foil colours) an absolute standout to catch these guys.

Good numbers of gummy sharks have also continued to play the game in Westernport over the last few weeks or so, with models up to an impressive 18+kg keeping anglers keen. There has been no particular hot spot for the gummies as the fish seem to be widespread from one end of the Port to the other, however...many have been caught by anglers over their favourite whiting grounds. Best baits are freshly caught salmon, trevally, and slimy mackerel or yakka fillets if you can catch them...alternatively, we stock a very large range of "fresh frozen" gummy baits if you can not catch the fresh stuff. Good patches of school- pinkie size snapper have also been spread across various parts of the Port.   (Cont'd below)



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The last few weeks has
seen some very nice salmon taken off our more local surf beaches of Gunnamatta and Kilcunda etc when conditions have been suitable. The fish have been up to a very healthy, with both bait and lure fisho's reporting of success (white and blue metal slug style lures have been the go for some). It's always hit and miss on these guys off the sand, however...if the weather and conditions are suitable on the day then you might want to try your luck at one of these may just get a feed of these hard fighting species ?.


This Rip area has been returning some reasonable size kings for anglers in the know and specifically targeting them over the last few weeks, with deep water jigging still remaining one of the most popular methods for success out of this stretch of water  If You don't own a safe enough boat or are a bit nervous about fishing in these waters... then you may want to think about using one of the "in the know" charter operators to help put in amongst the big guys  (they live and breath it). Hopefully the local kingfish season continues to even further improve and we will see the fish hanging around and playing the game for some time to come. When conditions allow anglers to more safely target the kings in the Rip area, you need to be aware and understand that there may also be many other boats in the same area giving it a go. As always play it safe.

Sea and weather conditions dependant... some big schools of chunky salmon up to an impressive 2.5kg have also been in the Rip -Heads area over recent weeks, with trolled plastic occy skirts, metal slugs and diving bibbed minnow style lures all doing the job. As we previously touched on in the kingfish section...this bit of water can be a tricky and dangerous piece of water at times, so always make sure that both you and your boat are capable, and also conditions are safe if you are planning on fishing the rip-heads area of Port Phillip Bay.


The last month or so has seen Bermi and its surrounding waters continue to produce some nice marlin for in the know game fisho's fishing the big blue water. Methods including switchbaiting, livebaiting, skipbaiting and trolling skirted lures have all been working up here, with most anglers practicing catch and release...always good to hear that. Some nice kingfish have also been caught around Montague Island on both bait and lures. (Cont'd below)



Staff member Justin ( a.k.a the flathead whisperer) has been chasing the big flathead down at Lake Tyers over the last few weeks...with the reward being some very chunky models that he caught and released. Justin said that he had to work hard for the fish using both soft plastics and hardbody lures, however it was certainly worth it. Well done certainly do love catching those flatties.  



Quality flathead fishing has been the main talk from customers that have fished this lake system over the last month and a bit with staff member Justin also getting amongst the action on his last trip. While the word is that the lake is not fishing as hot as it was a little while ago for the big assured some nice fish are still being caught and there are plenty of quality models still in there waiting to play the game. Paddle tail soft plastics like the D.O.A, and the very hot squidgy pro fish are all the go if you are planning to head east and give this awesome bit of water a go sometime in the future. Like many other locations, any recent rains (if applicable) may affect the conditions of the you may want to check things out first if planning a trip down this way?. Don't forget the big flatties are the a quick photo and release is highly recommended to help grow and protect this fantastic fishery.


The last few weeks has seen the big lake continue to produce some excellent size Murray Cod... and further proof that Eildon is turning into a fairdinkum trophy cod water. A few very nice golden perch and redfin (mainly on the small side) have also continued to be caught over the last month, with success being had by both bait and lure anglers. Best areas that we have heard of for both the golden perch and redfin has been around the Peppin Point and Frazer National Park areas of the lake. Look for all 3 of these species to continue on the go for hopefully the next couple of months or so. Sorry...not many trout reports from Lake Eildon over the last few weeks... except of some nice size models being caught down very deep on trolled tassie devil lures (the dam wall area is where these trout reports have come from). The pondage has still been producing some big trout on both lures and bait dependant upon water conditions.


Quality kingfish and southern bluefin tuna have continued to remain on the go over recent weeks...with keen anglers lucky enough to be in the right spot on the right day reporting of some very exciting fishing. Most of both the tuna and kings have been caught relatively close to shore and on both trolled and cast lures of various types. On the toothy side of things...some very nice mako sharks have been taken offshore by anglers prepared to burley hard and put in the time.  (Cont'd below)



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Big numbers of redfin up to approx 1kg have been on the go in this water over the last month or so, with both live local minnows and ice jigs doing the job. The occasional big brown trout has also still been coming out of this food rich water by anglers targeting them with either live mudeye or deep trolled lures. STOP PRESS: A massive chinook salmon of 5.8kg was caught from the lake in the last few days. 


The Goulburn River between Eildon and Yea still has a very healthy population of small to medium size trout to be caught when conditions are suitable. All methods of fishing including bait, lure and fly will work, however...water flow and clarity will determine your best method to try on the day. It pays to do some research prior to heading up to the river any recent rains (if applicable) or water releases can be a major factor for success. Best baits up here are maggots, worms, crickets, grasshoppers and lures are Blue Fox Vibrax, Celtas and Rapala minnows. For the fly fisherman...the Acheron, Rubicon and Stephenson Rivers are also holding good numbers of trout for anglers to pursue when conditions are settled. Watch out for snakes if walking the banks up in this neck of the woods. 


Blue Rocks bass and small to medium size redfin population have both been a popular target for mainly lure anglers over the last few weeks, with both first and last light seeming to be the best bite periods. Bibless crankbaits, vibes, soft plastics and surface lures have been the go for the bass, prepared to put in many casts for the rewards, as some days as they can be playing hard to get. No reports to speak of on Blue Rocks trout...hopefully these will start to filter thru as the water starts to cool down in the months ahead. (Cont'd below)



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Murray Cod Stocking News   Fisheries Victoria   February  10th

Today, Lake Nagambie and the Goulburn River shared in more than 41,000 Murray cod, grown at our Snobs Creek hatchery near Eildon. Thanks to local anglers for their time and boats to release the fingerlings into prime habitat.

Australian Bass News   Fisheries Victoria   February  9th

Great signs for fisheries and conservation values in the Thomson River, around Heyfield, with recent surveys by research teams from the Arthur Rylah Institute finding abundant stocked Australian bass and endangered Australian grayling.The river is in good condition currently and will be improved further by a $222 million investment into catchment and waterway health by the State Government.

King George Whiting  News   Fisheries Victoria   February  9th

It's time to look out for tagged King George whiting in Victorian waters! Anglers from participating fishing clubs are now actively tagging whiting, mainly in Port Phillip and Western Port, as part of a new project funded by recreational fishing licence fees. Keep an eye out for whiting carrying a small yellow tag on their back. Each tag has a unique code number and a phone number/email address to report the re-capture. Anglers who catch tagged whiting should record the tag number, date, location (GPS or description) and the fish's length. If caught in one of the bays, project scientists would appreciate the return of any tagged whiting to the water so the fish can provide even more information to the study. Just don't forget to write down its details first! So far, one angler from the Western Port Angling Club has recaptured two of the fished he tagged, one and two weeks after their release, and from the same locations. This is good news because it shows the fish are surviving the initial tagging process and are happily feeding after release.

Native Fish Stocking  News   Fisheries Victoria   February  8th

Lakes Kerferd and Sambell, near Beechworth, shared equally in 10,000 trout cod fingerlings today.
The fish were grown at our Snobs Creek hatchery, near Eildon. Both lakes were opened to fishing for trout cod in 2015 as part of the State Government's Target One Million plan, which aims to get more people fishing, more often.
(Cont'd below)



Customer Andrew landed these 2 nice snapper  while fishing off Rhyll on one of his recent trips out on to Westernport. Well done don't need to many of those for a good feed. 

Port Phillip Bay fisho Mark got into these nice reds while fishing  between Sandringham and St Kilda. Perfect table specimens we recon Mark...well done mate and hopefully more to come.


Young gun angler Shantara loves showing the rest of the family how it's done. She hooked and landed this nice gummy out from Werribee and we are tipping that she is still smiling. Keep up the great work Shantara.

Good customer Stephen had a fight on his hands when landing this chunky size murray cod. The fish took a trusty stumpjumper lure, only to find out Stephen was connected to the other end. Well done's a beauty.  


Holidays up north are certainly the go when you want to catch big models like this one. Young angler Nick landed this big cod on his last trip up Port Douglas way. We can see why he is looking pretty happy with his catch...well done Nick

Looks like whiting is on the go for breakfast, lunch and dinner at customer Nicks house. Both he and his fishing buddies caught all these guys on one of their recent trips around Westernport's middle spit. Keep up the good work guys.   


Andrew, Mark, Shantara, Stephen, Nick and Nick  ... for emailing us your photo's you have all won a Shimano Spectrum Plus 762SN Allrounder Fishing Rod  
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Email us at  a photo of yourself with your favourite catch... "if selected" to feature in a part of our newsletter, you will have a chance of winning one of  many great prizes to be given away. Please Include in your email your name and some brief details of where, when and size of your catch etc. All prizes need to be collected in person from our Bentleigh / Moorabbin Store and prizes may be subject change with out notice. Good fishing everyone !!!



The Rip Boating Safety News   Fisheries Victoria   February  8th

Steer clear of ships in the Rip. The Port Phillip Bay Rip is home to a resurgent and vibrant kingfish fishery. It is also one of Australia's most dangerous water bodies. Anchoring in the Rip is extremely dangerous. Penalties may apply. The Rip is a high traffic area for ships. Ships can weigh more than 150,000 tonnes and do not have brakes. They cannot stop or change course suddenly. They are often travelling faster than you think. Don't leave it too late to steer clear of ships at all times.
Ships cannot alter their course in the Rip.

Monster King George Whiting  News   Fisheries Victoria   February 6th

A 58cm King George whiting caught near Swan Island in Port Phillip Bay has been aged at 9 years old, born in the winter of 2007. A King George whiting of this age is very unusual in Victorian waters.
Most fish of this size and age have already migrated to spawning grounds, thought to be off far western Victoria and into south-east South Australia. The whiting weighed 1.3kg and was caught in November 2016 by Russell Shipley, who is a volunteer angler diarist helping fisheries scientists monitor fish stocks by recording his catch data and time spent fishing.  (see picture below)

Lake Hume Fish Stocking  News   Fisheries Victoria   February 3rd

Many hands made light work today at Lake Hume, releasing 170,000 golden perch fingerlings.
Local anglers helped with their boats and their time, spreading the fish out and stocking them into favourable habitat.

Native Fish Stocking  News   Fisheries Victoria   February 2nd

January might mean holidays for some, but it means cod cod cod for the team at Snobs Creek!
Through January we've stocked more than 600,000 fish, mostly Murray cod fingerlings, and our stocking trucks have driven 8,000km+ to deliver them. Murray cod stockings will continue through February. Releases of golden perch and silver perch will get into full swing too.



Check this out... This absolute stonker of a whiting (58cm long, 1.3 kg weight) was caught down around the more southern end of Port Phillip by angler Russell while helping fisheries out with some research stuff back in November. The fish was estimated to be approx 9 years old...WOW !!! Well done Russell...that's a once in a lifetime achievement.


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